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Alexander Süßel: Bridge builder for loyalty & business development

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I am Alexander Süßel, a Loyalty & Innovations Consultant for business development with over 15 years of experience in the conception and implementation of innovative loyalty strategies as well as the development of new markets for innovative IT companies.

My expertise extends to comprehensive design and implementation of loyalty programs, seamless project delivery, customer retention strategies, evaluation of loyalty tech providers, market analysis and optimization of customer relationship management (CRM), resulting in increased customer loyalty and growth in sales figures.

I have developed transformative loyalty concepts that have significantly increased sales and increased purchase frequency through strategic customer engagements. As a leader, I led a diverse team of 50 people, demonstrating commitment, adaptability and a customer-focused approach.

With certifications such as CLMP™ from the Loyalty Academy and Professional Customer Experience Manager from the CX Academy, I am characterized by a results-oriented, collaborative and resilient character, always with the aim of leveraging innovative customer loyalty solutions in progressive corporate environments.

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