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Development of loyalty strategies
  • Strategy and implementation of loyalty initiatives

  • Quality control and optimization of loyalty programs

  • Market analysis and application of international best practices in the area of customer loyalty

  • Development and implementation of partner programs

Technology and system evaluation
  • Analysis of requirements and system landscapes

  • Selection and evaluation of CRM and campaign management solutions

  • Support with system selection and implementation processes

Rent a Loyalty Manager
  • Interim management during transition phases

  • Operational support for specialist departments on a project basis

  • Specialist coaching and training programs in the customer loyalty sector

Go To Market/Business
  • Conducting a detailed analysis of the target market

  • Development of an individual go-to-market strategy

  • Identification and development of suitable sales and marketing channels

  • Building local partnerships and networks

Customer communication strategies
  • Design and expansion of integrated customer communication

  • Continuous improvement of communication measures and marketing campaigns

  • Planning and implementation of campaigns as well as their performance evaluation

  • Segmentation and profiling of customers for targeted targeting

More services
  • Individual industry study on customer loyalty/loyalty management

  • Development and implementation of a new loyalty program

  • Revitalize an existing program and future-proof it

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